Company Overview

It is more of an adventure and a journey of innovations that propels Supple Tek Industries to dare breathe a new spirit, a new extravaganza and reach a new range of coveted peaks.


Behind every successful story, there have always been innumerable predicaments, and Supple Tek Industries is no exception. However, by virtue of its consistent hard work and concentration upon the bull’s eye, Supple Tek Industries since its inception, has been a precedent for the counterparts.


Two heads are better than one, and in business, that adage often holds true.


Supple Tek Industries Private Limited is merger of Supple Tek Industries and KS Agro Exports. Supple Tek Industries is the company which backs the rich experience of its parent company, KS Agro Exports – India’s biggest rice exporter and 2 times winner of gold trophy from APEDA. Supple Tek Industries legacies highest quality standards and has inoculated one of the most modernized rice milling unit designed from Satake, Japan which comprises latest worldwide technologies that are certified to meet world class quality standards. We possess State–of–art milling and infrastructural facilities. Our experienced professionals extensively analyze the quality standards and ensure that the finest basmati rice is processed.


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