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Rice is a staple in every meal, every culture, every diet across the world but continues to be one of the most unsustainable grains to grow as it contributes to large methane emissions.
Our aim has been to make this cultivation sustainable at every stage of the process so that rice lovers can savour their meals without hurting the planet.

We’re not only known to supply the best quality Basmati rice globally but we also deliver authenticity and honesty in every grain.

Basmati in Sanskrit means “the fragrant one” and it is this unmatched aroma that has captivated people for decades. When cooked, its grain grows fluffy, separate and to twice its size, making it unmistakably the king of the kitchen.

1121 Basmati

Youngest in the Basmati family but most popular of them all, the 1121 Basmati Rice offers 30% more elongation of grain resulting in greater volume when cooked. It’s known for its unique aroma and subtle sweetness but what makes it the most special is its better yields and enhanced returns to farmers, ensuring that the global supply remains consistent.

Pusa Basmati

With the aim of gaining an edge over other countries in the field of rice, Pusa Basmati was born as a result of extensive research conducted by top Indian scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (I.A.R.I) or as it is commonly known, the ‘Pusa Institute’ in Delhi. Lighter and longer than traditional basmati (cooked and uncooked), this variant is a crowd winner.

Traditional Basmati

The aroma that has captivated the world, Traditional Basmati is known as the “The Prince of Rice”. The root of the word ‘Basmati’ lies in two Sanskrit words – ‘Bas’ implying ‘Aroma’ and ‘Mati’ meaning ‘Full Of’ i.e. “Full of Aroma”. The unique topography of the Himalayan foothills where it’s grown, brings out the authentic flavour, long & slender shape and unrivaled aroma of traditional Basmati.

Brown Rice

When we think nutrition, we think Brown rice. It is a whole grain that is relatively low in calories, high in fiber, gluten-free and pairs well with a variety of dishes.

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