Basmati Rice - a Way of Life

Basmati - the Queen of Aroma

Found in the Northern parts of the Indian subcontinent, Basmati is a variety of rice that derives its name from the Sanskrit word “Basmati” which translates to “the fragrant one”. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, each grain of Basmati is nurtured by the fresh Himalayan earth, wind and water. It is popularly believed that it is the origin of Basmati which leads to its unique taste and cooking properties. When cooked, Basmati delivers unmistakably white, separate, fluffy grains that elongate to over twice their original length and release an unmatched aroma.

As India’s largest exporter of Basmati rice, it is one of our primary objectives to be known for our precision towards quality and authenticity of the products we offer. Each member of the Supple Tek family strives to deliver the true essence of Basmati. Our endeavour is to keep our methodology true to its roots and deliver only the best of Basmati, from our farmlands to your plates.

500,000+ MT
of Basmati rice exported annually
5000+ MT
Basmati processed & packed every day

Our Rice Offerings

We strive to bring a variety of new products to the table and appease the taste buds of our customers, globally.

Traditional Basmati

1121 Basmati

PUSA Basmati


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